by Dakota Floyd

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A locality is an area that is characterized by specific people, situations, or events. In that vein, "Localities" is a long overdue collection of songs about people, places, and events that have affected my life for both good and bad over the past several years.

This album has tried to come out several different times, but it somehow never felt right until now. Thank you for giving it a shot.

Background vocals by Eric Ayotte.


released April 1, 2016

Songs by Dakota.
Recorded by Eric Ayotte.
Art by Jeremy Ray.



all rights reserved


Dakota Floyd Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Make True
I try so hard to be everything that I don't amount to anything these days. So I'm gonna love at the speed of love and not the speed of life. So this time my eyes will stay green for at least a little while. Maybe we all carry a sadness, and that's why I smile at everyone, but I'm always walking away.

I'm sick of running. I'm planting roots. Gotta prove to myself all the things that I can do. Every day is a new chance to make true on all my promises.

I just wanna be someone worth knowing when I'm old and my hair is graying. I'll look you in the eyes and swear I'm trying so you can look me in the eyes and know I'll be there. This time I'll be there.
Track Name: Butterflies
Remember that night we caught fireflies in the park? You gave me butterflies, and it wasn't the last time. How about that time we stayed outside until the sun came up? We both knew how we felt -- or at least I thought we did. I wish that I could find some way to say this without seeming so condescending; I don't see a thing. You're no better; you can't name a thing wrong with me.

Most of the time I don't even wanna be here at all. No, not at all. But I, I am filled with wanderlust, but I, I care far too much. And I tried so hard to make this count, but I just couldn't make you want to stay. Why'd I waste my time? I can't do this, someone be my guide. I need you on my side when I'm trying to make change. I'm trying to make change.
Track Name: Melodramatic 90s Pop Song
I looked at the city, and I got sad, eating Chinese take-out off the trunk of my car. I've got friends, but they're all too busy tonight, so I guess I'll just lay in my room with the music just audible and hope to fall asleep. And the radio played Top 40s hits from the 90s, and it made me think of you and me.

Today I talked to an old friend. We're amazed at how we've changed, but also how we've stayed the same. Now I know just where things went wrong. I feel like I'm in one of those songs that goes, "Doot doot doot dododododo Doot doot doot dododododo," but no one sings along. No, no one sings along. Now I'm singing alone. I'm just singing alone. I'm always singing alone.
Track Name: Highway Lines
I'm so used to biting my tongue, and I didn't notice us growing up. I'm finding places to be lonely in the moments I feel safe. We've grown so far apart; sometimes not far enough.

I'm addicted to highway lines, back road goodbyes. I'm always in a state of leaving, but also just arriving somewhere.

And I know someday I'll be lookin' for a place to call my own, with a broken coffee table, some rips in the wallpaper, a leaky roof, and a wobbly ceiling fan; but for now I'm gonna keep on moving right along.
Track Name: Suggested Donation, pt. 2
These dreams are all self taught, and none of our heroes are store bought. We're all in this together, and we're all learning as we go along. I watched the sunset over Phoenix from a car window and saw a sunrise in the Flint Hills as we drove. It's 5 AM, but we've got miles to go before we sleep.
Track Name: Look What You Did You Little Jerk
I've heard you're never too old to be afraid, but sometimes I get sick of being alive. I spend every day thinking about the "could've been"s and all the things that I will never be.

I wish I could put them all down on paper, but I've made a lot of mistakes. And they say that home is where the heart is, but my home is stretched all over this country, and my heart is beating a little too fast to keep up with constantly missing all of the people that I love the best. It's taken me 23 years to get this far, but now what do I have to show but these scars on my wrists, a couple bad tattoos, a collection of baseball cards from 1998, and a thousand notes that I will never send?

I was a burnout at 22, but I guess that's just the way that these things work. Most nights I just wanna die, but I'm scared of all the things that I might miss. I'm just so scared of all the things I'm gonna miss.
Track Name: All These Years
After all these years, I've learned you can't save anyone, just love them, and don't be scared when it's time to let them go. So this one's for all our dead friends and those we'll never see again. Remembering times and lives, it's so hard to describe all the feelings inside our heads. So here's to all those punk rock dreams and never knowing what to call our home.

Hoping never changed a thing, so wish all you want. It's positive change that we're striving for, and that can't be store-bought. I've done a lot of growing up over the past few moths, so where are you know? 'Cause I know where you've been.

Hoping never changed a thing so wish all I want; I can never bring back the dead.
Track Name: This Car
Even four years later, I'm still in love with you. There's no doubt we've both changed, but I can't let these memories just fade away. You'll always hold a place inside this heart, if you ever want to come back in.

Now I've got some checks to cash and a few books left to read, and I sure hope I'll see you this summer. Maybe go out for a day? Or something? Please, anything? We'll hug and promise to keep in touch, but we both know that we won't. We both know we won't.

I sure hope you'll take me for who I am now; I'm not the kid I used to be. We've both got a lot of growing up to do, but I'm not going anywhere tonight. This car's not moving until you're singing, and this car's not moving at all.
Track Name: Alone
Everyone gets lonely at least some nights, and the truth is I miss this more than anything. Now most of the time I still feel like a kid in this big world, hopelessly hopeful, but hardly holding on. So let's run into this sunny afternoon, with the same smiles that we had back in grade school. Today is absolutely perfect. So how about let's live like there is no tomorrow, and for once we'll admit our parents were right: we're growing up far too fast.

And if it all falls apart, well I guess it falls apart. At least we can say we tried. I'm so tired of living this life alone.
Track Name: Dear America, I'm Lost
I've got scars from a life well lived. I've got this beating heart that never quits; it always says, "You could be doing more for yourself. You could be doing more for everyone else."

Well Dear America, Jake's lost, and I think I might be too. I tried to find myself in sweaty basements, broken guitar strings, and instrument cables, but I just got more lost when I tried to rebuild the ways we used to laugh, how we used to talk, all the little things before it all dropped off and we got so tired of feeling bad, feeling worse, feeling broken, and feeling cursed. Through crooked smiles and broken teeth, I hope I never have to repeat the past two years of my life.

Let's trade back the fashion for the passion, and let's reignite the sparks that fueled the flames of something bigger.
Track Name: Charleston
I've never held a more honest conversation in my whole life than the one with you on the hill up to your house just weeks before summertime gave us so much hope and understanding about ourselves. Now I realize that I may never again see you in the same light.

We were just best friends playing Super Nintendo in the basement of your parents' house, where we talked about our secrets and how we just wanted to die most of the time. Feeling so suffocated in a town that we both hated, I thought I'd long since left, but now I've found myself back in the loneliness of Northeastern Georgia. This place is not my home. No, nowhere in Georgia will ever feel like home.

I just wanna let everyone know that this is where I am. I'm sick of faking smiles and being someone that I know I'm not. I'm someone I'm not. But I just hope you're happy somewhere; I know we'll never be the same. It's amazing what a small town can do to kids like you and me, but we'll be alright. But it's everything that I don't want to be.